Bayer MaterialScience develops products which benefit both the environment and society. Mega trends like globalization, urbanization and the shortage of resources create challenges for sustainable future logistics. "Cargo Packs 2020" is the second VisionWorks Award initiated by Bayer MaterialScience. Its overall target is to anticipate the changing demands of the global market and to respond with innovative application concepts. This award is realized in cooperation with industry partners, pursuing an open-innovation approach. Students from five European design academies dealt with materials and technologies, as well as with the future concepts of the industry partners. In this way a broad overview of developments in the transportation of goods today and tomorrow was given to the students, and the importance of future logistics for many industry sectors was made clear to them. This was both a challenge and a great benefit for all parties. Creativity and technology were brought together in often surprising ways. In this process, the companies and students learnt from one another in a multitude of ways. It is exciting to see the fresh ideas and solutions that young designers were able to devise by combining our material and technology background with visions of the future. This project has realized an interdisciplinary "co-creation" approach to future applications. Take a look for yourself!