Designing applications today for the materials of tomorrow – this was the idea that prompted Bayer MaterialScience to establish the VisionWorks Award. The VisionWorks Award of 2009 "CargoPacks 2020" wanted to encourage visionary design concepts for logistic issues based on containers, boxes, packages, luggage or anything similar. The Award gave tomorrow’s innovators the opportunity to deal with the concept of "Future Logistics" in a detailed and visionary manner. In collaboration with students from international universities specializing in design, the award aimed to develop solutions which touch many different aspects in the field of logistics, such as packaging, transportation, services and sustainability.
Practical experience has shown again and again that the combination of industrial expertise and academic research allows the people involved to influence and inspire each other through their visions, ideas and methods, resulting in new products and applications.

MAY 08 Announcement of cooperation partners
OCT. 08 Kick-Off at DHL Innovation Center
OCT. 08 -
NOV. 08
PHASE 1: Generation of ideas & concepts
NOV. 08 Submission of intermediary concepts
NOV. 08 Viewing and evaluation of intermediary concepts
DEC. 08 -
JAN. 09
PHASE 2: Concretization of selected concepts
JAN. 09 Submission of final work results
MAR. 09 Jury meeting at BayLab Plastics
JUL. 09 Award Ceremony at Airbus