International universities specializing in design each put forward a group of about fifteen students to participate in the competition. The students worked on their own. The starting point of the competition was a Kick-Off Meeting, where the coordinators shared some of their original knowledge of the future with the students, enabling them to think and design for the year 2020. The competition ran for the whole semester and was divided into two phases. In Phase 1 each student was asked to come up with one concept for each of the three

questions described above, focusing on the conceptual and not the visual quality of the solution. The concepts from the first phase were then evaluated by a jury of internationally known designers and industry leaders. One concept was selected from each student. In the second phase, the selected concept was put into concrete terms by the student that produced it. At the end of the semester, all the results were sent to the coordinators for the jury to select the winners of the competition during the recess.