Am Speicher XI 8
Germany-28217 Bremen
Prof. Andreas Ostwald

Art, Music, Design + Theory > The profile and the four pillars of HfK-BREMEN. Integrated design is increasingly becoming a project- and problem-oriented discipline. It supplies experimental, creative and innovative methodical contributions to overcome narrow-minded approaches. At all levels, from planning and design thru manufacturing and distribution to re-use and recycling, design in this broader sense is an important and dynamic part of a culture of post-industrial modernity. The study of integrated design is no longer oriented to the classical occupational fields of design but sets a new benchmark in addressing generally relevant issues. The students work within the core modules: presentation & visualization, processes & methods, materials & technology, shape & aesthetics, cognition & communication, ecology & economics, people & society, system & structure, culture & identity.

PROF. ANDREAS OSTWALD "We would like to thank all organizers and initiators for their very professional planning of this European competition. The concept of the think-tank is a helpful tool for academic design teaching with a strong research content and consistent creative and planning aspects. It would be nice to realize an active exchange with all participants at the end of this term. And I hope that there a some ideas and projects that will be realized, developed and ultimately succeed in the market."