Lorentzendamm 6-8
Germany-24103 Kiel
Prof. Ulrich Hirsch

The Muthesius Academy of Fine Arts and Design was founded as a school of Arts and Crafts in 1907 and received university status in 2005. For the Muthesius Academy design is more than a beautiful form. Design for us means transferring a particular purpose in physical form, taking into account its function, construction, production, ergonomics, aesthetics and environment. The Bachelor program in Industrial Design begins with the basics of design, which teaches basic skills and perspectives. In projects, specialist courses and seminars, students prepare for the main focus of studies on construction concepts, methodological design and process-oriented design. Future industrial designers develop projects which – in addition to the diversity of form – must also be socially responsible, ecologically sound and future-oriented.

PROF. ULRICH HIRSCH "For all of us, mainly our students (of a 4th BA semester), this competition was quite a challenge, and at the same time a valuable experience. Thanks to all concerned for the remarkable presentations, the broad discussions and the perfect organization."