Ex Convento delle Terese Dorsoduro 2206
Italy-30123 Venezia
Andreas Vogler

The University Iuav of Venice is dedicated to a specific area of knowledge: teaching design and planning for all disciplines concerned with man’s habitat and the environment. The Faculty of Arts and Design – founded in 2001 – offers programs in industrial design, visual and multimedia design and communication, the visual arts, and theatre. The Faculty body includes some of the most important industrial and graphic designers, artists, directors and set-designers from Italy and abroad. In addition, the Faculty can count among its members some of the most authoritative figures in disciplines relating to the theory and history of arts and design.

ARTURO VITTORI, ANDREAS VOGLER, GIOVANNI CROSERA "At a time when we are experiencing the mingling of hardware and ubiquitous computing, the student competition "CargoPacks2020" posed a very challenging question: How will we deliver goods to people in the future? The competition was excellently organized by the participating companies and gave students and tutors a challenging insight into how large companies deal with innovation, its complexity and how design can potentially drive change in the future."