The facade of an office tower is shimmering in green and red colors. A close look shows single plants. They are slowly moving vertically and reflect the sun like diamonds. It is a paternoster system. Growing units are stacked on a steel rope which is tensioned on two wheels. It is moved by water that is filled in at one side. The company working in this building wanted to make a statement for a greener world and when the manager heard about the Green tower he was totally into it and they moved in. The rental costs are higher but the costs for air conditioning are 30 % lower than in the previous office and the company gets fruits and vegetables for free. For 2 weeks the tower has been tinted red: It is strawberry time. Before that they grew wheat, tomatoes, flowers…

THE JURY'S VERDICT "The winning concept Green by Manuel Dreesmann stood out for three reasons. It uses no packaging, solves transportation and distribution problems through on-site production, and uses the concept of vertical farming in office buildings as the basis for a future-focused vision that can have a positive impact on the climate and atmosphere at the workplace."

AWARD RECIPIENT MANUEL DREESMANN "This competition demonstrates the importance of students and industry coming together. Their mutual interest is in shaping the future. If old problems are addressed in the light of this common aim, students can profit from the resources, experience and commercial know-how of companies, and companies can profit from the freedom, inexperience and curiosity of students. In a land of ideas, the VisionWorks Award can serve as an example and inspire more companies to follow suit."

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