CARGO GUARD Sven Ladiges
I-TRACE Johanna Köhler
RENTBEE Simon Koch
INDICATOR Anton Bob Kraus

Benjamin Schwarz

Eapack is a reusable packaging system for televisions. The packaging is brought to the customer and is taken back to the store after delivery by the supplier. Thus a steady cycle of transport is created between production, supplier and customer. No styrofoam or cardboard waste is created. The packaging consists of two firm half-shells, which enclose a flexible cushioning and are fixed by means of Velcro strips, plus a hand device with an accumulator for energy supply. The cushioning is provided with fibers made of electroactive polymers, which change their shape when subjected to a voltage. This allows the transportation of goods of different shapes and sizes. The packing is available in three different sizes which can be stacked inside one another.

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