CARGO GUARD Sven Ladiges
INDICATOR Anton Bob Kraus
EAPACK Benjamin Schwarz
RENTBEE Simon Koch
I-TRACE Johanna Köhler

Joel Hoff

In the future cities will be free of private car traffic. This will mean people will have to transport everything via the public transport system. But at the moment there is no means of safely transporting the purchases in the bus or subway. At the destination there is no "trolley" available to transport the purchases home. The PublictransportCart is a combination of handcart, shopping trolley and plastic bag. It is made of cardboard, completely recyclable and easily put together. It has a paper tape strip to secure the purchase in the cart. In the bus the cart can be secured using the handholds and one can sit back and relax during the trip. Stores which sell the PublictransportCart can print their corporate identity on it.

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