CARGO GUARD Sven Ladiges
INDICATOR Anton Bob Kraus
EAPACK Benjamin Schwarz
I-TRACE Johanna Köhler

Simon Koch

Rentbee addresses the problem of getting heavy, bulky goods to home without using a car. Rentbee will be available at stores all over the city. The principal eye-catching feature is its big wheels, which enable it to overcome practically any obstacle. To lock or unlock the Rentbee for renting it, you just use your credit card. The frames of the wheels are made of an extremely light, solid plastic. The wheel itself consists of three layers: a soft one in the middle, a hard contact layer with the frame, and the outside laminated with a self cleaning material. When it is dark, the material also converts friction energy into light. This is a wonderful sight, and you can be seen by other road users. Rentbee can also be used as a hanger for bicycles.

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