AIR-PALLET Claudia Naso Onofrio
MULTIBARGE SHIP Alessandro Antoniadis
TALK TO ME Antonella di Nuzzo
BLOB.PACK Silvia Bianco
POSTAL BALL Gemma Caroli
UD SYSTEM Michele Manzo
DRAG AND DROP Daniele Savasta
PRINT YOUR PACK Claudia Cantarin
GECKO Mariachiara Russo
STOCK'N STICK Davide Carlet

Tommaso D'Olivo

This kind of packaging is designed for the "last mile" situation – in particular for the customer that uses the Pack Station. The purpose is to help people who have to collect heavy parcels, facilitating the transport and permitting transportation by walking. The packaging consists of a double belt joined together like a cross which can be fastened around the pack and closed with an electronic system. This belt is in a smart material flexible enough to adapt to different sizes of parcel, then, when it is closed, an electronic system stiffens the belt to facilitate transport. The BeltPack uses a special system of caterpillars similar to grass skis, for smoother running and to overcome different kinds of obstacles.

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