AIR-PALLET Claudia Naso Onofrio
GECKO Mariachiara Russo
TALK TO ME Antonella di Nuzzo
BELT PACK Tommaso D'Olivo
POSTAL BALL Gemma Caroli
UD SYSTEM Michele Manzo
BLOB.PACK Silvia Bianco
PRINT YOUR PACK Claudia Cantarin
DRAG AND DROP Daniele Savasta
STOCK'N STICK Davide Carlet

Alessandro Antoniadis

The Multibarge Ship Atlas is a cargo ship that is able to transport barges already loaded with containers. I thought out a simple and functional form. The vessels have the bridge deck in the proximity of the bow as they have to load the barges from the stern. The Multibarge Ship reaches the harbor, and in about an hour is partially immersed, enabling the barges already loaded with containers to slide inside it. The whole process takes no more than an hour per barge. Later on the ship carries out the partial outcropping and is ready to leave again for another harbor. The system is much quicker and the project is more efficient than a traditional cargo ship.

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