AIR-PALLET Claudia Naso Onofrio
GECKO Mariachiara Russo
TALK TO ME Antonella di Nuzzo
BELT PACK Tommaso D'Olivo
MULTIBARGE SHIP Alessandro Antoniadis
UD SYSTEM Michele Manzo
BLOB.PACK Silvia Bianco
PRINT YOUR PACK Claudia Cantarin
DRAG AND DROP Daniele Savasta
STOCK'N STICK Davide Carlet

Gemma Caroli

PostalBall is a mobile post office. It uses hydrogen motors and satellite guidance, which gives the advantage of freeing all its space for packages. The finish is reflective, which means that it reflects the scenery around it. People receive or deliver their packages with PostalBall. It has a network of docking points and cargo points in the shipway of the city. A postal employee can open the big bubble with a pin code and put the packages for delivery inside. The addressee receives a message with a pin code and can take out his package when the PostalBall arrives at the track. There is a timetable of stops, so the addressee knows when his package will arrive at different points.

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