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BELT PACK Tommaso D'Olivo
MULTIBARGE SHIP Alessandro Antoniadis
UD SYSTEM Michele Manzo
BLOB.PACK Silvia Bianco
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DRAG AND DROP Daniele Savasta
STOCK'N STICK Davide Carlet

Claudia Cantarin

PrintYourPack (PYP) is a machine that prints a customized package made of a biodegradable material, composed of two layers: a rigid one for the external box and a pouch for the inside. Any object, inserted into the box, is protected by compressed air between the two layers. PYP is set up in public places and enables the users to customize their own package while respecting the environment. The user puts the object into the device and, while the machine scans the object, selects options like sender, address, shape and texture. The material passes through the printer, which prints the texture, then it is laser cut according to the selected design. The sheet can then be folded up and inflated, and the resulting parcel put in the automated parcel deposit station.

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