AIR-PALLET Claudia Naso Onofrio
GECKO Mariachiara Russo
STOCK'N STICK Davide Carlet
BELT PACK Tommaso D'Olivo
MULTIBARGE SHIP Alessandro Antoniadis
UD SYSTEM Michele Manzo
BLOB.PACK Silvia Bianco
POSTAL BALL Gemma Caroli
DRAG AND DROP Daniele Savasta
PRINT YOUR PACK Claudia Cantarin

Antonella di Nuzzo

This is an intelligent packaging for blind and elderly people with a simple speaker that explains the instructions on the object contained in the box. The project was born out of the need for products using the Braille alphabet for blind or visual disabled people. Factories should make available a recordable instruction on their products. Instructions in Braille alphabet will be stamped automatically on the standard packaging of express service DHL. When the pack arrives at the addressee, the instructions in the Braille alphabet explain how to find the speaker, and once the box has been opened, the speaker starts automatically. The person can stop the instructions with a button. The pack can be reused as a toy for children.

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