AIR-PALLET Claudia Naso Onofrio
GECKO Mariachiara Russo
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BELT PACK Tommaso D'Olivo
MULTIBARGE SHIP Alessandro Antoniadis
TALK TO ME Antonella di Nuzzo
BLOB.PACK Silvia Bianco
POSTAL BALL Gemma Caroli
DRAG AND DROP Daniele Savasta
PRINT YOUR PACK Claudia Cantarin

Michele Manzo

The idea of an Underground Distribution (UD) System is to use the movement of subway trains to deliver goods over the last mile. Usually the terminals of subways are located outside the city center, thereby being more accessible, and leading to fewer traffic or parking problems. There the package can easily be loaded from the DHL van to the UD point, located on the subway platform. The cargo wagon is equipped with a mobile robot, which enables automatic loading and unloading. The package travels with the train and the robot unloads it at the right stop. Finally the customer goes to the nearest subway station to pick up his delivery.

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